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And over and over and over and you’re sick and tired and taking tests online like these guys even have an app on the phone that makes it super convenient for you just go on there and take these tests multiple times on there when you have any downtime you just sit.

There take a test okay you know if you can pass all those tests with % or better you’re going to go into that California state licensed testing area and you’re going to get your you’re going to get you’re going to pass that test because you will have seen those questions on those tests so many times on the practice test that you’ve taken it’s going to be it’s it’s it’s going to be pretty amazing you’re gonna feel great when you walk out that door the first time and said damn I went passed my test so that’s for California state licensing so that’s and that’s all I really know about.

So then once I pass my test I still had to wait another month before I could get my actual contract license number and you can’t start working until you’ve got your number so that sucked you know that was that was awful that was an awful moment you have passed your test and then they tell you then they go and tell you yeah that’s going to be another month while we process your contractor’s license number so the other fun part about getting your business up and going is finding the right insurance now now now that I’ve been in the business for a while.

I can’t tell you how many people how many commercial insurance companies approached me all the time trying to get me to buy their insurance and and all I can say is you know that first time you go out there if you don’t have anybody that you are already going to go with for commercial insurance referrals you know ask around anybody who can give you a good referral to a good company we just went with that so we went with a lady in the Elk Grove area and.

She was able to get us our general liability we were able to obtain a million dollars of general liability insurance for a pretty good price we needed a million dollars a general liability in order to be able to work with well at first we thought we were going to work with some home warranty companies but we never actually did any work for any of the home warranty companies I ended up getting too much business on my own.

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